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Book your couch, settee, curtain, or upholstery cleaning from We Love Cleaning North London to be sure of getting a first class service from qualified cleaners.

Soft Furniture Cleaning for Homes or Offices

  • This soft furniture cleaning service is suitable for domestic and commercial use

  • Both dry and steam cleaning techniques are offered

  • All work is completed using top quality Prochem detergents

  • Weekend appointments cost the same as weekday cleaning

  • All services are completed by trained and certified technicians, and are completed under full insurance

How We Love Cleaning North London Delivers Your Service

Before any work starts your technician will assess the fabric of your piece to determine if dry or steam cleaning will give the best results.

Steam cleaning - Is preferred for deep cleansing and stain removal on materials which are both shrink-resistant and colourfast

Dry Cleaning - Is selected for delicate fabrics which may be damaged by a water based cleaning technique.

In either case, your service is delivered in a series of steps:

  1. The piece is vacuumed to open up the pile and bring loose dirt to the surface

  2. Marks and stains are pre-treated using a solvent or detergent effective against the cause of the stain

  3. The main cleaning takes place. Detergents are applied to the fabric, allowed time to act, then extracted

  4. Scotchgard treatments are available on request

Your furniture will be ready for use as soon as a dry cleaning treatment is completed. Drying times after steam cleaning varies depending on the fabric type, the room temperature, and ventilation. Your technician will give advice on this based on your specific situation.

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